“…Even though this was only preview I was brought to tears, particularly by the incredible vocal talents of Keith Pun. Such power and grace as his voice filled every corner of the room…”

(Yexian: A Story Untold, I Am Hip-Hop Magazine, November 2019)

“…While Keith Pun brought an extremely resonant countertenor to Chai Ping’s wide tessitura…”

(The Original Chinese Conjuror, Opera Magazine, November 2018)

“…Counter tenor Keith Pun performs wondrous vocal gymnastics as Chai Ping who translates Chung Ling Soo’s pretend Chinese into English to fool the press and public alike.”

(The Original Chinese Conjuror, Wharfedale Observer, August 2018)

“…Keith Pun’s Shepherd was memorably reimagined as an inebriated disco bunny…”

(Tosca, Opera Magazine, November 2017)